Welcome to the future of the telephone headset industry.


At The ONE, our goal has always been to bring the best quality products to market while keeping costs as low as possible. We believe that every product we design  and manufacture must not only be functionally reliable, but also offer value that is unsurpassed in the industry.


Our business philosophy includes working closely with our distributors and carefully listening to feedback from our customers.  We want to know what you need, and what you expect, from our products.


Our headset solutions consistently provide our customers with superior sound quality, comfort and durability, allowing for the best possible communication between people.


From the moment you purchase one of our products, you become part of a rapidly growing group encompassing users in 127 different countries. A group that places quality and value above name recognition. A group that can spot the best product in any category AND one that is smart enough to know and appreciate the difference!


We thank you and welcome you.